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Jeremy Morris - Midday Host

On the air

Mon-Fri 1P-3P

  • Playing piano
  • Developing websites & mobile apps
  • Politics

Jeremy Morris is your host of the later midday (or we could call it "early afternoon") show from 1 PM to 3PM weekdays.

About Jeremy

With so many family and friends living in places that get cold (for real cold) in the winter, I’m so fortunate to live in SoCal with my beautiful wife, Zara, and 2 child-actor daughters, Jazmyne and Zoe.

My son, Zable (yes, every name has a ‘z’ in it!), is off to college in hot and humid South Texas now.

It’s been a blessing to see and hear how God works in people's lives in the precise moments they've needed Him and be able to share those moments of encouragement through radio for over 20 years now.

If we ever get a chance to visit, you'll find that I love to wonder how we can solve the world's problems. I figure there must be a way to do that by combining computers, an understanding of God and human history, and a piano somehow.