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Baby monitors, webcams hacked

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If you have one of those video baby monitors or webcams, you might want to change your login password. Russian hackers are at it again and they’re targeting homes and businesses. They’ve even set up a website and they’re broadcasting live footage of the homes and businesses they’ve hacked into.

(source: myfoxny.com)

College in our state just got more expensive.

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Yesterday the UC Board of Regents voted thumbs up on a 25% tuition hike over the next 5 years. Tuition at UC schools will go up 5% every year until the year 2019. The average cost of a year of school will go from just over $12 grand to more than $15 grand.

(source: latimes.com)

NSA can keep listening to your calls for now

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Whatever you say on your phone probably is an will continue to be recorded, at least for now. A bunch of lawmakers were trying to pass a bill that would limit how much info the NSA can collect on all of our phone calls and phone records, but that bill just got shelved. Lawmakers in favor of the bill say the NSA needs to be able to do what they’re doing in order to fight terrorism. The vote’s been put off for at least a year.

(source: nytimes.com)

Mini vans get failing grades

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If you're in the market for some new wheels, something reliable and safe to drive your family around in, a mini-van may NOT be the way to go. Most mini-vans didn't do so hot in the latest round of crash tests. The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety did the testing and one exec said the Nissan Quest had the worst crash tests they've ever seen. The Honda Odyssey was the only standout, and the Toyota Sienna got an "acceptable" grade.

(source: nbcnews.com)

Job Fair in Hemet Thursday 11/20/2014

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A job fair put on by recruiting agency Staff Management|SMX will take place 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Thursday at the CFLC Empower Youth Center in Hemet. According to the agency, warehouse positions are available in Moreno Valley.The center is at 930 N. State St., Hemet.

A high school diploma is required, and applicants must be 18 or older and able to lift 50 pounds, according to the agency. Applications are available at apply.smjobs.com. Use media code EYC and job code 7L1S