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Lawmaker wants to double holiday pay

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We've all had to work on a holiday, it's called paying your dues. The good thing about it though, you usually get paid time and a half for it. A lawmaker from San Diego wants to bump it up even more. He's introducing a bill that would double holiday pay. Right now it would only apply to Thanksgiving and Christmas but, he's thinking about adding other holidays. If the bill becomes a law, it would take effect after this year.

(source: inlandnewstoday.com)

Fake turkey recall

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Scammers never miss an opportunity, just in time for Thanksgiving, someone has announced a turkey recall. But it's a fake, and it's causing a lot of confusion. A fake news site called The National Report published the recall claiming millions of turkeys are infected with the bird flu virus. They even posted a fake quote from the CDC. As of right now, there are NO turkey recalls. http://www.aol.com/article/2014/11/25/fake-turkey-recall-causes-confusion/20998743/