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Sugary drinks age you

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A study out says fizzy drinks speed up how fast the cells in your body age, and age you as much as cigarettes. A person who drinks 2 cans of sugary drinks per day is speeding up the aging process by 4.6 years.

(source: dailymail.co.uk)

Apple Pay, a serious game changer?

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Apple pay could change everything. If you have the new iphone, all you have to do to pay for stuff is put your thumb on the little fingerprint censor on your phone and wave it in front of the reader at the store. That's it, you’re done in less than 10 seconds. They’re saying Apple Pay could be the end of debit cards.

(source: forbes.com)

8 states with the longest commute times

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If you’re sitting there, stuck on the 91, here’s some news that might cheer you up; folks in New York, New Jersey and Maryland have a worse commute than you. There's a survey is out that lists the 8 states with the longest commutes. Folks in those 3 states spend an average of 32 minutes driving one way. The average in California is 27 minutes. Virginia, Massachusetts, and Illinois also have longer commutes than we do.

(source: usatoday.com)

Crackdown on Domestic Violence

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It's not a very pleasant thing to talk about, but a very real thing that should talked about, this is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Last year the San Bernardino County DA filed more than 3,000 domestic violence cases, 11 of those cases were fatal. Local law enforcement say they are cracking down on offenders. You may see people and celebrities wearing purple clothing or wearing those purple bracelets, that's to bring attention to the issue of domestic violence.

(source: inlandnewstoday.com)

Ontario Mills Mall job fair

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If you, a friend or family member are looking for work, there's a job fair coming up this week. It's going on this Wednesday and Thursday at the Ontario Mills Mall. 675 full and part-time holiday positions need to be filled. 40 different retailers and food spots in the mall are doing the hiring.

(source: dailybulletin.com)

Lexus cars recalled

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Toyota's recalling close to 1/2 million Lexus cars. There’s a fuel leak issue that could lead to a fire. Toyota says it mostly affects older model Lexus’. Your dealer should be able to fill you in on all the recall details.

(source: usatoday.com)

Mortgage help/home buying event

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If you are worried about losing your home, need help with your mortgage, or a first time home-buyer, the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) has event going on in Ontario tomorrow at the Convention Center. It's called "The American Dream" event. You need to show up with all your mortgage documents and papers. https://www.naca.com/nacaWeb/member/keepInform.aspx?language=&formType=campaign&campaignID=O1