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Mission Statement

Family Friendly 89.7 KSGN is a ministry of Good News Radio, a religious not-for-profit 501(c)3.  Good News Radio is a ministry that draws people closer to God by providing encouragement, edifying believers and building community through Christian music, mission outreach, and events.


The words "Family Friendly", heard often on 89.7 KSGN, are carefully chosen and at the core of what you'll hear, and what you won't hear.  We consider those words to be the foundation of our promise to listening friends like you.  That's because on 89.7 KSGN you'll never hear content that's inappropriate or songs with off color lyrics.  And, you won't have to worry about being embarrassed when you're listening to the station with your co-workers at the office and especially with your kids in the car!

Beyond being a safe place, we want 89.7 KSGN to be a welcoming place.  It's a station where we you can feel welcome and connected regardless of where you've been, no matter what's happened in your life, whether you go to church or not.

We're glad you're listening and the welcome mat is always out!  We hope that 89.7 KSGN will be a blessing to you and your family... and that you'll tell a friend!