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A house in Grand Terrace is slipping away

GRAND TERRACE, Calif. (KTLA) — A hillside home in Grand Terrace is in danger  after the ground beneath it gave way on Tuesday.

While the patio dangles with no earth underneath to support it, there’s  growing fear about what could happen to the entire house.

The family that lives in the home, located at 22846 Vista Grande, has been  forced to evacuate in case of another landslide.

The homeowner, Dr. Arthur Jimenez, told KTLA he was getting ready for work  when he heard a loud bang.

“I thought it was a jolt, like an earthquake, so I checked all the interior  parts of the house, and I didn’t see anything fall or anything unusual,” he  said.

But then, minutes later, firefighters knocked on his door and told him and  his wife that they needed to evacuate immediately.

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